The most effective career planning and vocational programs are inclusive and provide a range of services. At 3T&, we understand this. In addition to assessments and counseling, we use our connections in the greater business community to assist participants with educational placement and employment.


Every successful plan has a basic map and framework. We use three major elements to help you create a solid career plan, championing your strengths and ensuring you have the support needed.


Understanding your personality and interests is invaluable when it comes to choosing a path in life. Using a battery of tests, we are able to identify vocational and career interests along with traits that are attractive to employers and educational institutions. Essentially, assessments help determine what type of environment you will best thrive.


Statistics show people spend more time researching vacation spots than they do career opportunities and paths. At 3T&, we stress the importance of planning employment paths and looking for an ideal career. You are provided with a host of research and support tools so you can find the right fit and land where you want.


There is no substitute for you having exceptional communication skills. Whether in verbal or written form, employers of all stripes prefer articulate employees that value communication. We offer seminars and services that range from resume and cover letter writing to mock interviews and ethical workplace communication.